Do radically different thing

Get radically different results on your recurring business challenges

AMI is a 2 day 3 night intensive conference where we use adventure during the day to prime your mind for the Mastermind in the eventing -

And create solutions that you couldn't have gotten in any other way!

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Instead of talking about the benefits of facing your fears and the release of endorphins, WE DO IT.

We go outside and put you in situations that are safe but force you to stand face-to-face with some physical fears and then jump right into them.

Then, we take the benefits of those activities, positive hormones, hightened mood, confidence over your fears, and use them in a professionally facilitated small group mastermind where you will get ample focus time. Not to mention the benefits of contribute to others in the mastermind.

This is how we stack the deck in your favor for a mindset breakthrough. Doing things that are radically different from your day-to-day to produce solutions that didn't exist for you before.


  • New Perspective: Sometimes you can have experience a change in mindset by reading a book, watching a movie or going to a conference. When you combine a thrilling adventure with a professionally facilitated mastermind, you stacking the odds in you favor to really be able to see things from a different perspective.

  • Get out of your head: Running our business has a fairly predictable set of actions and emotions. when we stay in that predictable environment of plan, test, check, and adjust we start to become numb and true innovative thoughts dry up. Adventure can get those creative and juices flowing again.

  • Invite your 'Adventurer' to the meeting: There's a good chance that the adventurer in you is the one that got you to start this business or join this crazy venture. Although, we never notice, at some point we stop inviting the adventurer to the business meetings, and eventually it falls asleep. As soon as the adventurer wakes up, you instantly feel better and wonder how you ever let it fall asleep in the first place!


  • To Get out of your comfort zone: Everyone talks about it, but this is a guaranteed way to do it!

  • Face Your fears head on: If you aren't doing these kinds of things every day, there is going to be some level of fear when you go through these adventures. It's easy to say what you would have done when you watch and adventure in a video, but when you are experiencing the adventure, it's a whole different thing.

  • Greater appreciation for life: Not sure I have anything to add to that.

  • Increased Confidence: Most business owners and executives might not think they need this, but when they get it, they are never disappointed.

  • Fun and Excitement: Don't underestimate the benefits of fun and excitement for your mental health.

Adventure is calling.

Your business is waiting for you to answer!

2 days of Adventure, 2 nights of Mastermind

How it works

Join the waitlist, get your questions answered

Go on the adventure, and watch how you open up emotionally and mentally as you leap over the edge of your comfort zone

Use that fresh and unique openness in the mastermind session to get solutions and insights on your challenges in completing your business mission

We’ll take you on an adventure like never before. You'll have fun and you'll take something back to your business and family!

Meet your mastermind facilitator

Layne Gneiting

Layne has been leading executives on epic cycling adventures across countries all over the world and changing their lives. If there's anyone who knows how to take every ounce of an adventure and turn that experience into something life-changing that you can take back to your work, it’s Layne!

It's time for Adventure - time to get out of your environment, out of your comfort zone and into rejuvenating adventure!

Kevin Mogavero - Adventurer

Kevin loved adventures ever since he could remember, but he spent a long time ignoring the call and a piece of him just felt dead.

He grew up camping and exploring the woods with his mother and older brother, and he played sports like wrestling and football. He always found ways to explore, like being an exchange student in Spain and Costa Rica.

Then, he attended West Point Military Academy, where he was surrounded by adventure all the time: Mountain climbing, Rappelling, all sorts of obstacle courses, and Airborne School.

While in the Army, he got to explore Korea, Japan, Germany, and many other places. Shortly after Air Assault School, he was deployed to Iraq.

After leaving the Army and starting a family, he thought he'd hold off on any adventures until later... Some undefined time in the future. He thought that starting a business would be the only adventure he needed.

Well, he was wrong, dead wrong.

He felt a big part of him was just dead, found himself just "going through the motions." He had no idea what was missing, but he knew he couldn't shake the feeling.

One day, while talking to a friend, he somehow went on a tangent about how awesome Scuba diving was, even though he had never tried it! His friend told him he had never seen him that excited about anything else before, and said, "Just go try it! You don't need to become some scuba pro, just go on a date with scuba diving and see if you like it."

That was it, that was all Kevin needed. He went to the local scuba shop (in Phoenix, Arizona, of all places), and signed up for a scuba class.

From that point on, he understood that adventure was the thing that was missing! He has since climbed a glacier, walked the Camino de Santiago from France through Spain, learned to surf (badly), donated a kidney, climbed the tallest peak in the lower 48 states, run in countless mud runs, hiked to Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon, and will take a road trip through his 50th state this year.

What will adventure do for you?